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Apple iPad Repair

iPad Screen Repair

Broken iPad Screen? Do you know that the Apple warranty will not cover physical damage to the glass on your iPad and will actually charge you over call to repair it? So, if the screen broken on your iPad, you need someone who can fix it.

There are actually 2 screens on your iPad. The lower screen controls the images that appear, while the top screen is the glass front. This top screen also controls the "touch" capabilities. If your iPad doesn't recognize your finger swiping, then it could be that your top screen has become faulty or broken. The lower screen is called the LCD, while the top screen is called the digitizer.

iPad LCD Screen Repair

iPad LCD Screen Repair

The LCD screen on the iPad is the lower screen. It displays the graphics. It's generally a very reliable part, but can break from a fall, or from liquid getting into your iPad. If you see colored lines, Grey lines, white spots, dead pixels on the screen or ff the display is completely white, flickering or bleeding, no back-light it has to be replaced. The lower LCD screen on your iPad is normally protected from knocks by the top glass screen, but even still it can break. Sometimes it starts with graphics corruption, which gradually gets worse. Sometimes it is a totally white screen.

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