Apple iPad Motherboard

Apple iPad Motherboard IC Repair Replacement

Here at Spot Service, we specialize in the repair of iPad Logic board, iPad repair a dead iPad. The logic board has an excellent design and is very durable, in most cases they get damaged when third party repair centres or individuals are repairing there own devices. Some of the common faults we see with the logic board are Back-light and Display failure, the components on the logic boards are very small and easily damaged or knocked of during repairs.

Another big killer for the logic board is Water Damage, of course if you reading this then i assume its already to late, but third party chargers are another common cause of Logic Board failure. We notice with the older devices like iPad Pro, Wi-Fi/LTE that the charge IC (Integrated Circuit) or USB protection IC will blow with third party charger. The newer device like the iPad Pro Wi-Fi/LTE or any device really which has a lighting connector will blow the U2 IC or USB protection IC or even worse with these devices the fault could feed right back to the power IC or at worst the CPU. With the iPad the more common faults that we see are back-light and display faults, they do not seem to be just so easily damaged with third party chargers although this by no means suggest you can use a third party charger on your iPad. Just remember, an original charger and original cable is only dear at the time, the iPad uses a slightly higher powered original charger, we cover all models of these devices.

Walk-in Repairs

There is no need to make an appointment at a Spot Service. Most are open 7 days a week, with some offering 10.00am opening or 8.00pm closing. We know nobody likes to be without their tablet so we'll try to fix your iPad during your visit, or certainly within a very short period of time. (Normally 1-2 hours). In more complex case, we might need to keep it for further tests. If we do have to do that, we will still do our best to get your iPad back to you as soon as possible.

iPad Replacement Costs

Please choose the repair that you need from the selection to get more information, including the prices. All repairs include VAT, and come with 6-month warranty as standard.